Top 5 drones for kids 2018: Best drones under $50 and $100

Best 5 drones for kids -2018

Top 5 drones for kids 2018: Best drones under $50 and $100

Last Update April 6, 2018

The following drones list of top 5 drones for kids has been selected based on a rigorous market research and testing and by taking into consideration four critical parameters. The parameters adopted for this purpose were Price, Features, Flying experience and Customer reviews available on the internet. This article is for drone hobbyists or for someone thinking to buy a drone for their kids (usually 14 years and older!).  Obviously, you should be looking for the best value for your money; here I am going to show you the top drones for kids (or for adults!) in 2018 in two categories of under $50 and under $100. The numbering of these drones should, however, be taken lightly because all these quadcopters are very close to one another in all the key aspects I used for the classification.


First, we talk about those top 5 drones for kids which are under $50. Although it is not a big budget yet there is a reason we can have good quality drones in this budget. This is because the drone technology is moving very fast, and the manufacturers are striving hard to make their manufacturing process extremely efficient. And, as a result, we are getting high-value, featured-rich products at a very affordable price. Therefore, if you look around, you may find a huge number of small drones at a price tag of less than $50. Although not all of them offer good value of money, yet there are few which have been included in our list of top 5 drones for kids and are the following:

1. Syma X5C Quadcopter with HD Camera

The top of this list is Syma X5C. Syma X5C is a drone equipped with HD camera and 6-axis Gyro. You can fly this both indoor and outdoor and you will love this beauty. The drone can perform 360-degree flips. Prop guards are strongly connected at three points with the main body. I would suggest, in the beginning, do not remove the prop guards, particularly if flying indoor. Later you can remove them and get an increase flight time. Also, be careful the way you mount them because one pair of propellers would be in one direction and the other pair would be turning in the opposite direction, so please follow the instructions. The screwdriver comes with the drone which you can use to install the props and prop guards.

The landing gear is sufficiently high and as a result, the camera is quite safe. The battery charging time is a bit high which is 100 minutes. When fully charge, you can fly between 6 to 7 minutes. If you remove few components such as prop guards, the flying time will increase. The battery charger is of USB type.
The HD camera is 720P and 2MP with a 2GB memory card. You also get a memory card reader with the drone. The camera is controlled by the transmitter for taking pictures and videos.

The LED lights also give the indications during photographic sessions. LED lights are of good quality but the installation angle of the camera is not quite optimized for better quality videos.
The controller needs 4 AA batteries. This is best for practicing and having fun and before buying some expensive drones.


2. Holy Stone HS170 Predator Mini RC Helicopter

Holystone is a Chinese company which makes toy drones in medium to low range price. This is a very durable quadcopter, very lightweight, headless mode and a bit old-fashioned transmitter. There are 3-speed controls for beginners, intermediate and advance users. You can use this toy both indoor and outdoor. It has excellent protection for propellers and also the bottom is protected by using curved style feet. Stability is excellent indoor and outdoor in moderate wind. Motors are powerful and balanced. The most noteworthy and annoying thing about this drone is the 6 AA batteries which we have to put in its transmitter. The transmitter range is good.


3. Hubsan X4 H107C Plus Micro Camera Drone; With camera and Altitude Hold

This is a little beautiful modern-looking micro drone which has a 2MP camera, headless mode, and the altitude holding capability. This is an awesome gift for your kids. One thing I would like to mention here is that the altitude hold is a valuable feature to get, particularly, if you are interested in some video quality with these cheap drones. However, if you are more interested in sports only type of robot than in cheaper versions, the altitude hold capability may not be right for you due to a little sluggishness.

The drone also has 360-degree roll capacity and 6-axis Gyro stabilization. It has an on/off switch which is good. HD camera resolution is 1280 x 720p.There is a clear indication by flashing LED lights when you are recording the video. This is cool and eliminates any confusion whether the camera is recording or not. There is a micro SD card slot available. Inconclusion, it has some good features and an affordable photography platform.

The battery is from Hubsan and can be charged while inside the mini drone through a micro USB port available. This is not good because you have to spare the quad to charge the battery!


4.  Echine E50 WIFI FPV Selfie Drone

His drone is a small palm-size, foldable selfie toy drone. Very popular drone with good features such as real-time FPV system, a very attractive headless mode for orientation free flying experience, 6-axis Gyro-stabilization and ability for flips. You can have WIFI control with your mobile phone and stream the FPV. Other features include one-key automatic return feature, sideway flight. Weight is less than 100gms and video resolution of 720p. Flying time is between 8-15 minutes with a charging time of 200 minutes which is slightly towards the higher side. You get a USB charger and extra prop inside the box.


5. Swann Raptor Eye Quadcopter

In Australia, this could be a perfect gift for your kids. This is a lightweight drone for inexperienced pilots. Extremely good maneuverability in all directions Weight is just under 100gms. With 720p HD camera, you can make videos. It has a 4 GB micro SD card and reader. You will get spare props. The battery has 7 minutes of flying time and 90 minutes of charging time. The transmitter can control the drone within 40m.

Top 5 Drones for kids under USD100

1. Holy Stone HS110 FPV Drone with 720P HD Live Video

At the top of our list of top 5 drones for kids is Holy Stone’s HS110 FPV drone. A drone with some cool features such as altitude hold, HD FPV camera, Headless mode, ability to be controlled with a mobile phone and a 6-axis Gyro stabilization. The drone also has a one-button return home function, so less chance of losing your drone. The headless mode means the direction of travel of drone is not aligned with the nose. This means an easy control if the drone goes beyond sight because the movement of the stick by the user controls the direction of the robot. The drone also has a 4-speed control. Video recording ability is 1280 x 720p.

The drone also has FPV which means you can stream the live flight view from the drone to the ground on your smartphone. The battery charging time is 60 min which is considered excellent and a flying time of 7-9 min is normal for this class of quads.



This drone has a fantastic transmitter, headless mode, split screen display, FPV real time transmission, 8-9 minutes of flight time and an elegantly professional look. You will feel the quality of production as soon as you get hold of the quadcopter. It has a 3D split screen display which is compatible with 3D VR Headsets, but the headset is not included. You can buy a VR headset and get an amazing feeling while flying this quadcopter. Headless mode is good for beginners because you do not have to worry about the orientation of the drone while using the transmitter sticks. It also has FPV real time transmission meaning you can connect with your phone and will be able to see the view from the drone on your phone. You will get a phone holder in the box.


3. UDI U818A HD+ Drone FPV with Camera and Headless Mode

An extremely durable quadcopter made with a high-quality, flexible plastic and with some fantastic features and excellent reviews from hundreds. The drone can do 360-degree flips and tricks. The drone can take high resolutions videos and photos and store on a 4GB micro SD card.  Its weight is around 130gms. The drone has a mode called Gravity Induction. What it means is you can download an app Udirc-FPV on your mobile phone or tablet, and if the gravity induction mode is on, your mobile and the drone will maneuver at all directions according to the angle at which you hold your phone or tablet! I also noticed a significant variation in the price of this drone on the internet. Could not dig deeper to find the difference. My advice is to buy from a reliable source.

The quadcopter comes with 2 batteries and a charger which can charge both batteries simultaneously. The flight time is 7 to 9 minutes and charging time of 90-120 minutes which is on the higher side.


4. XK Whirlwind X251 brushless quadcopter

With carbon fiber arms, very powerful brushless motor and a superb programmable controller, this quadcopter is, without a doubt, is on the list for $100 range quadcopter. It comes in various configurations, with and without a camera. The weight of the quadcopter is 199gms.The best thing you would get in the box would probably be the extremely high-quality programmable transmitter. Moreover, what programmable means to use is that you can change the sensitivity of the sticks to get a better fast or slow response. The LCD screen is big and awesome. Such an amazing transmitter.
The battery rating is 7.4V 950mAh Lipo with balance plug. The battery does not have an on/off switch which is not a good practice, but there is a switch on the controller which you can turn off before putting the battery. It will not allow the propellers to spin.

XK Whirwind X251-1
XK Whirwind X251-2

5. Husban H507A X4 Star Quadcopter

This quadcopter has some very cool features of some advanced and expensive drones. These functions include, follow me, flying on waypoints, orbiting around a point, return home, a built-in GPS and live video streaming. However, this quadcopter does not have a transmitter. It is operated by the Husban app which can be downloaded from Apple Store or iTunes. The quadcopter flies in a headless mode which is very convenient for new pilots because you do not have to worry about the orientation of the quadcopter and operation becomes easy. However, sometimes the quadcopter does weird things when returning home or during waypoint flying. The battery is 7.6V, 550mAh and it is a proprietary type of battery. The quadcopter has a microSD card and a USB port to update the firmware.

The quadcopter found its place in the list of top 5 drones for kids due to some modern features, but without a controller, it feels sloppy.

Husban_H507A_X4 Starr_Quadcopter