Leading Drone Companies: The top drone manufacturers, data and service providers

leading drone companies

Leading Drone companies: The top drone manufacturers, data and service providers:

As the popularity of drone is growing every day. People around the globe want to know which are the leading drone companies and also, what are their best drones available in the current drone market. In this article, I will try to give some insight into few of the leading drone manufacturers in all categories, in addition, some basic information about these companies would be highlighted if found.

First, I would like to admit that it would be impossible for me to cover all the drone manufacturers in this article. However, I would try my best to highlight some of the leading drone companies below in this article.

1. DJI

DJI is the leader in drone technology. The company is the manufacturer of the most popular and robust drones on the planet (DJI drones on amazon). Their products are being used in many fields including aerial photography, cinematography, agriculture and just for fun by drone enthusiasts. Furthermore, their drones have superior obstacle avoidance in outdoor and indoor environments. Also, many training providers are using their drones for the training of drone pilots due to their better performance and the available flight features.

PRODUCTS: Inspire, Phantom, Mavic

Born: 2006

Head Office: Shenzen China

Offices in:  US, Germany, Netherlands, Japan, Hong Kong

Employees (approx.):  6000

Peculiarity: More stable, robust designs.

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 Autel-robotics-Logo-image2.Autel Robotics

The S-star and X-star premium drones of this company are the alternatives to DJI Phantom and Phantom Pro series of drones. Autel robotics drones are robust and packed with features, therefore these drones are getting extremely popular among drone lovers. One of the reasons for this popularity is the company’s approach to modular design which gives users the ability to change the drone camera if they want to upgrade it.

PRODUCTS: X-Star Premium, Kestrel, FlirDuo (Click here for their products on amazon).

Born: Not available

Head Office: Bothell WA, US

Offices in: Not Available

Employees (approx.):  Not Available



The company makes both the manned aircraft and drones. Their hexacopters drones are considered comparatively lightweight in their class. These hexacopters can fly for an hr without the payload. H920 plus has some amazing features for drone professionals such as foldable arms and retractable landing gear.

PRODUCTS: H920 plus, H520 Hexacopter, Yuneec Typhoon H, Typhoon Q500 4K quadcopter, E-Spyder, Breeze selfie drone

Born: 1999

Head Office: Hong Kong

Offices in:  US, China, Germany

Employees (approx.): 1800

Peculiarity:  A small device other than the radio controller (a compact second controller called wizard), with three buttons, home, watch me and follow me which are handy in situations.


Parrot Bebop series of drones falls somewhere in between the hobbyists and enthusiast type of drones. You can use these drones for taking some decent pictures. The company offers business solutions for various businesses.

PRODUCTS: Bebop, AR.Drone, Disco, Sequoia, eBee,albris,

Born: Parrot (1994), Sensefly(2009)

Head Office: Paris

Offices in: Not Available

Employees (approx.): 900

Peculiarity: The Bebop drones can be operated using only the tablets without a radio controller as a stand alone drone, could save you some money.


The company is working on autonomous aerial vehicles for medium to short distance transportation solution. They have two lines of products, the Ghost drones are for drone enthusiasts and the eHang Falcon are commercial drones. Also the last but the most important achievement of the company is their manned drone eHnag 184 which can carry a human passenger.

PRODUCTS: Ghost drone, eHang Falcon, eHang 184.

Born: 2014

Head Office: Guangzhou

Offices in: US, Germany

Employees (approx.): 300

Peculiarity: The company made the world first human passenger drone.


Airmap is not a manufacturer of drones. The Airmap is the leader of drone data providers. The company provides aeronautical data and services to drones. Drone operators can use Airmap to send prior digital notices of their flights to nearby airspace management organizations. This is one of the requirements for drone operators if they are planning to operate in certain airspace. For this to happen, the respective airspace authority should allow real-time implementation of digital notices, which many aviation authorities have started to do so.

PRODUCTS: Ghost drone, eHang Falcon, eHang 184.

Born: 2014

Head Office: CA, USA

Offices in: Not Available

Employees (approx.): Not Available

Peculiarity: World leader in aeronautical data providers.

Pix4D-drone-software-company7. Pix4D

Pix4D is a drone software company. The company is one of the top drone software developers. The software products of the companies are used to build a geo-referenced 3D map from 2D images captured by drones. The company’s software can be used in agriculture, construction, and drone inspection projects. The company offers both cloud-based and desktop solutions for drone professionals.

PRODUCTS: Pix4Dmapper, Pix4Dbim, Pix4Dag, Pix4Dmodel

Born: 2011

Head Office: Switzerland

Offices in: US, China

Employees (approx.): 100



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