Hubsan H501S X4 Drone for Beginners


Hubsan H501S X4 Drone for Beginners

This is a very cool drone with a lot of desirable features. The key features are its GPS and 1080P camera. For the price bracket it has, it is a no-brainer. It has a stunning design which is very popular not only in China but all across the globe. If you look at some other camera drones which are cheaper than this, you would notice that all those have 720P cameras and their altitude hold is based on a barometer, not on a GPS. A GPS-based altitude hold is more robust.

Another good thing about Hubsan H501S X4 drone is that it has all the flight modes, a beginner drone pilot would look for, and it has GPS which is fantastic. GPS provides the capability for some of the excellent features such as return to home, GPS position hold and follow me mode.  Return to home feature of Hubsan H501s is a highly desirable feature not only for beginners but also for experienced drone pilots due to safety reasons. The drone is available in two colors which are Gold Black and Gold White. You need to perform the compass calibration in the beginning which does take a couple of minutes, but it is not a deal breaker.

Brushless Motors:

The quadcopter has brushless motors. The benefit of brushless motors is that the motors are very quiet and also of high-tech technology.

The Controller:

Hubsan h501s x4-Radio-Controllers

The controller of Hubsan H501S also has a GPS in it, and both drone and controller can talk to each other. In this way, you can maintain any specific distance and angle between these two. The controller has a good-size screen. It shows the telemetry of the drone which contains a lot of flight parameters and status. There are two controllers available for you to choose from. The standard is called the FPV2, and the professional is FPV1.

The Battery

The 2700mAh and 7.4V. The capacity is 10C, and if you don’t know these parameters, you can read our Guide to Drone Batteries. It is a quite big battery for this size of drone. The charging time of the battery is 150 minutes which is quite high. The flight time of Hubsan H501S X4 is 15 to 20 minutes, depending on the wind and style of flying.

GPS Hold

For beginners, this is the rescue mode. If your drone is going somewhere unexpectedly, you just leave the sticks of the controller, and the drone would stay where it is. Then you can think for a moment and start again.

Altitude Hold Mode

The drone would fly at a constant height in this mode.

Headless Mode:

This mode is also critical for beginners because keeping in mind the orientation of the quadcopter is a difficult task for beginners as the drone flies at a distance from the pilot. With the headless mode, you don’t have to worry about the orientation of the drone, in whatever direction, you press the stick of the controller, the quadcopter will follow it. So, it is straightforward. Hubsan H501S drone has the headless mode which makes it a best choice for beginner drone pilots.

Follow me Mode:

The drone and transmitter (controller) both have GPS which can lock to maximum 12 satellites each. For follow me mode to work, both should be locked to at least 6 satellites.  This information is shown on the screen. In the follow me mode Hubsan H501S would follow its transmitter. If you are using this mode to make a video, you should take care that the desired scene is the view of the drone camera. Drone camera is fixed at a small angle.


It has 5.8G wireless video transmission capability up to 300m with a standard controller and up to 500m with pro controller. The video is of very decent quality 1080P HD. The quality of the video does not deteriorate with the speed of the drone. However, the video is not stabilized in the windy situation and also not with the movement of the drone. So, by no means, you can get a professional quality video but it is fun, and you would enjoy the footage due to the angles from where the drone is able to capture it.

Return to Home:

Another most essential safety feature for this drone is that if the drone for some reason loses the communication with its controller, it would come back and land to the location from where it took off. What else you want in this price range.

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