Drones for sale, top 10 most popular drones to buy in 2018

Last Update January 13, 2018

In this article, I present a list of best drones for sale, their key attributes and why these drones are best selling and most popular around the globe. The compiled list include drones from all price ranges and categories of drones. The only exception are the very top end highly expensive and customized drones, but I have added two commercial drones after the top ten consumer drones. I am trying to keep this information very short and to the point to save your time and giving you the opportunity to quickly have a look at the main features of these top seller drones in the market. There is another drone buying guide you might want to read which covers some less expensive drones. If you are a beginner, you may consider looking at some of the best beginner drones in $100 to $500 range. If you are looking to buy a nice drone for your kids, then see the list of 10 best drones for children in $50 and $100 range. But following are the drones which are the most popular and best buy for the money type of drones.To fly some of these drones, you will need to get a drone pilot license because these drones can be used for commercial purposes. We start from the best buy drone first.

Top 10 drones for sale:

1. DJI Phantom 4 Pro Drone


Summary of key features:

This is an entry-level professional drone weighing 1388 gm with front and rear obstacle avoidance and right and left infra-red obstacle avoidance. This drone is at the top of our list of drones for sale. This is probably the best drone DJI ever manufactured. The drone has a 20MP camera and films 4K videos at 60 frames per second. I should point it out that for shooting at 60fps, you need a faster memory card having a speed class of at least U3. The one comes with the drone is a 16GB microSD card with class U3. This drone can shoot at an extremely high speed of 100 MBPS.The video is of high quality both outdoor and indoor. You can change the fstop of the drone camera which means that you can alter the amount of light entering into the lens. This is good to get properly exposed images.

Radio Controller of the Drone:

The drone supports both of the common frequencies used for drones which are 2.4GHz and 5.8 GHz. This could be useful and reduce the chances of drone experiencing a loss of control due to interference when flying in densely populated areas. It has dual GPS which means it can reach home safely in case of any problem. Now the most important flight time is approx. 30 minutes. The drone has many intelligent flight modes such as follow a path, follow me and tripod mode. The drone is extremely steady.

2. Parrot Bebop 2


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Summary of key features:

I put this drone in second position in our list of drones for sale, due to its amazing popularity which can be realized by looking at the number of searches people are making for this drone on Google. Parrot does not sound like a direct competitor of DJI series of drones! Parrot Bebop 2 is one of the best Parrot drones to buy. This drone is for hobbyists and for those who want to take some decent aerial images. The drone is lightweight(500grams), durable, compact HD video drone and has reasonably good speed. The drone has a 14 MP camera with an aperture of F2.3. Capable of 4K 1080 at 30 fps. You get FPV goggles with the drone which gives you highly immersive experience. The drone has follow me mode, visual tracking, and GPS tracking capabilities.

Radio Controller of the Drone:

The drone and its remote controller both have the same battery which is cool if you need to swap sometime. The remote is big, broad and heavy, it can handle small and big size tablets and comes with a shoulder strap. It should be noted that the drone and remote connect with each other through WiFi instead of directly connecting. Therefore, a tablet or smartphone is between the drone and its remote controller. You run the app on your tablet device and establish a connection which is a bit different than most drones.

It is also possible to fly the drone using the app only without a controller. However, the controller looks awesome, and you can have a more realistic flying experience when using the controller. The battery life is 25 minutes which is excellent. Although there is no visible gimbal on the drone, the camera can move. The drone is for sale for USD350.

3. DJI Inspire 2


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Summary of key features:

This is a filmmaker drone and one of the top drones to buy. It can be considered as a flying cinema quality camera, but probably the most expensive drone in our list. This drone can record videos at write speed of 4.2Gbps! This provides enough data for high-quality filmmaking projects. It weighs 3650 grams and comes in a nicely built heavy box. The camera is Zenmuse X5S which is independent of the image processing unit in Inspire 2. It means you can use any gimbal and camera combination for your films. The gimbal provided with the camera is 3 axis with 3 modes of operations. These modes are follow mode, free mode and reset mode. In the free mode of the gimbal, two users are required. One user for pitch motion and one for pan motion.

Radio Controller of the Drone:

The controller supports two frequencies 2.4/5.8 GHz which ensure more reliable connection. Battery lasts for 27 minutes. Flight controller stores the critical flight data on an on-board storage device. The drone can fly in 3 modes, positioning, attitude and sports mode. It should be noted that, In sports mode, the aircraft will not be able to sense and avoid obstacles!, so be careful. The drone can return to home safely at loss of controller signal or at low battery condition. With Tapfly, user can tap the screen of their device and fly the drone without needing a controller. With Active Track, the drone can track any moving object while avoiding obstacles. Vision system detects and avoids obstacles in front and at the bottom of the drone while the infrared sensors avoid obstacles at the top of the drone. Normally two people can team up to fly the drone and control the camera.The drone deserves a third position among these ten most popular drones for sale.

4. X-Star Premium

x-star-premium drone

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This drone has some resemblance with DJI phantom series and also a competitor of those drones. You can say a competitor of DJI phantom 4 or Phantom 3 advance drone. It is without doubt one of the best commercial drones for sale in the drone market in this year.  Very easy to fly drone with some cool features and a strong and aggressive-looking frame.

 Summary of key features:

It has a 4K (at 30 fps) and 2.7K (at 60fps), 12 Megapixels camera and 3-axis gimbal.  Very prominent lights which are very handy when flying to check the heading of the drone. The battery has a 25 minute of flying time. Comes with a splash proof case in which you can put six batteries. Weight with battery and propellers is a little less than 1.5 kg.  Remote control operating frequency is 5.8 GHz. Follow orbit and waypoint modes are available.  Also for inexperienced pilots, there is a beginner mode which limits the speed and range. The maximum range of the drone is 1.24 miles (2km).  The speed is 34 mph (15m/sec). The controller of Autel robotics looks better than phantom 4 because it has a screen on it which shows flight parameters (altitude, range and battery status). It is very affordable drone. Comes in white and orange colors. Orange color is more visible in the sky.

Drone Approx. Price
1 Autel Robotics X-Star Premium USD 750 – 850
2 DJI Phantom 4 USD 800 – 1050
3 DJI Phantom 3 Advanced USD 650 – 800

5. EHang Ghost Drone 2.0


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A consumer drone which is controlled from your smart phone by using sensors in your phone. There is no controller for this drone! only controlled by smart phone. Just download the app called eHang play, put on the props and start flying.

Summary of key features

The Drone has iOS and Android models available. The drone comes with a VR headset. The frame is made of flexible plastic. Motors are located under the frame as opposed to DJI phantom drones. The drone has an indicator light at the front which can help to change the orientation. The battery has a screen display to check the charging which looks cool. Flight time is 15 to 20 minutes. The drone can capture 4K, 12 Megapixels videos. It has a3-axis gimbal and a microSD card. The drone has many flight modes. These are touch-to-go, Avatar, way points and follow me. Touch-to-go is a beginner mode where you give a point, and the drone goes there. In Avatar mode, you fly the drone directly by moving and tilting your smart phone. EHang Ghost drone 2 is one of the most popular and affordable drones under 1000 dollars, and so are some of the others in this list of drones on sale.

The drone supports two frequencies 2.4 GHz and 5.8GHz which is useful for interference reduction. You put two antennas on each side of your goggles, which provide you a radio link and increases the range. So the smart phone connects to the goggles which then connects to the drone.

6. Parrot Mambo


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A nice little mini-drone with a cannon and a grabber functionality. Your children (14 and above) would love this drone. A real fun drone and extremely popular. You can buy this drone to arrange very interesting drone competitions in schools. This is because of the cool little grabber and a cannon. One of the best sellers in the market.

Summary of key features:

It comes with a flight controller and advanced sensors such as an accelerometer, 3-axis gyroscope, ultrasound and camera sensor. The autopilot stops the motors if the drone crashes. The drone can pick objects less than 4g with its grabber. The drone comes with 50 cannon balls. You can mount the cannon on top of the drone with few balls loaded. The drone is super lightweight at 600 grams. The speed is up to 18 kph. It can operate inside a 20m radius from the controller, and it can rise to 25m. The drone can work with Android or iOS smart devices having certain minimum requirements. It also has an auto take-off and landing feature. You can take pictures with its 0.3Megapixels bottom-mounted camera! Not a professional grade camera by any means. Moreover, the fantastic feature is that the drone can perform some aerial acrobatics which looks amazing. So, in my opinion, a lot of fun in just 100 dollars.

7. Typhoon H Drone


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This hex copter is an advanced aerial imagery platform with some amazing operational and safety features.

Summary of key features

This drone can also be considered as a competitor of DJI phantom 4. This drone has a couple of features that Phantom 4 does not have. These are retractable landing gear and 360 degree gimbal, dual operator support and a built-in video monitor.  These features are not available in any of the other drones for sale within this price range. The drone controller is an integrated transmitter, receiver and Android platform with a large 7-inch screen which displays real-time videos from up to 1.6 km (1 mile). Prop arms and landing gear is made of carbon fiber.

Typhoon Wizard:

Typhoon Wizard is a GPS tracking of the size of a remote by Yuneec that can be used to control their drones in the follow-me mode without the need of the drone controller. The drone is compatible with this device. Moreover, it is capable of 4K, 12 Megapixels videos. The drone uses front ultrasonic sonar sensors to avoid a collision.  It just stops or moves back if it senses an object in front. However, there is no obstacle avoidance in the top, below or backward direction. This shortcoming in obstacle avoidance may later be compensated at an additional cost because the drone is modifiable.

The drone has many safety features such as return to home where the drone will safely land when batteries are low to keep it flying. Also, Geo fence is another feature that keeps the aircraft within 300ft radius from the pilot. Also, No fly zone feature prevents the aircraft from flying above 400 feet or within the commercial airport area.  Due to the heavy and large controller, the drone is a bit difficult to carry.  The drone can operate with 5 props, so, if one prop has some problem, the drone can still return home safely. The flight time of this drone is roughly 20 minutes, and the charging levels can only be seen on the controller. Battery and controller charging times are however on the larger side. The drone is at number 7 of drones for sale only because it lacks a little popularity, otherwise, it is an amazing drone.

8. DJI Spark


DJI spark is a highly portable and compact, easy to use drone.

Summary of key features:

This drone is very special drone in a sense that you do not need a controller or even a smart phone app to launch and land this drone. The drone can be launched and land from your palm and can be controlled with some simple gestures. It can also be controlled using a DJI controller or a smart phone app if you wish not to use gestures or if you really want a very precise control. The drone has circle you (orbit) mode and follow-me modeThe battery can last between 10 to 15 minutes depending on the style of flight. The battery can be charged using a micro USB which is very convenient. It has only two-axis gimbal. It can shoot 1080p videos (not 4K) and 12 Megapixels photos. At loss of control, the drone will raise itself to a specific height and come back home.  The drone avoids obstacles.

9. Hubsan H501S X4 Brushless

Hubsan H501S X4 Brushless

A medium size affordable drone with some fantastic features and flight modes and low noise.

Summary of key features:

This medium size drone has some fantastic features. It can fly in GPS mode and in altitude hold mode. It has follow me features. The drone can fly in a headless mode which is extremely easy to fly for the beginners. The company has put brushless motors for the props which is really cool and drone noise level is quite low.  The drone has the altitude hold mode and you can take some amazing pictures from this drone. You can set it at a certain range and bearing values for taking pictures. Finally you can play around and test what values give you the best results. The camera is 3Megapixels and can shoot 1080p videos and is built in at a small angle in bottom front of the drone. The drone can return to its take off point in the event of loss of control. Drone uses dual frequencies, 5.8GHz for video signal and 2.4 GHz for operation of the drone. The transmitter has 4.3” LCD screen.

10. Syma X8SW

syma x8sw-drone


This drone is an advancement on Syma X8 series of drones.  The accessories can now be installed without screws. This is a very affordable drone with real-time FPV camera. It has some resemblance with DJI phantom series of drones.

Summary of key features:

A good size drone from a reputable company. The landing gear is easy to connect. The camera is 720p WiFi which can transmit real time FPV footage if you connect it with your smart phone using the Syma FPV app. The range of the drone is 70meters. The drone operates at 2.4GHz frequency. The battery has nearly 9 minute of flight time and the charging time is 150 minutes. The drone can roll 360 degrees which looks amazing.

Best Commercial Drones for Sale:

After the list of top 10 drones to buy which may or may not be used for commercial purpose, now let’s talk about some professional drones which are used only for business purposes. All major drone companies are manufacturing some high-end commercial drones for sale.  These high-tech drones have more stable flights and reliable systems. These are complete solutions for businesses operating in drone services area. Following are some of the latest commercial UAV products in the drone market.

1. DJI Matrice 600 and DJI Matrice 600 pro

DJI Matric 600 Pro Commercial Drone

It is a hexacopter drone. With 100 Megapixels resolution camera integrated with state-of-the-art Rohnin gimbal and combined with live transmission to a ground station, the drone offers a complete solution for surveying and mapping applications. The drone also supports other gimbals. The camera of Matrice 600 can interchange 9 different lenses. This helps to change the field of view according to the requirement. The drone comes with Lightbridge 2 radio controller with SDI output. The range of Matrice 600 is 5km but flight time is about 18 minutes which is not considered as best, but with smaller cameras and gimbals, you can increase the flight time significantly.  One of the redundancy features it has is that if one of the six props gets damaged during the flight, the quadcopter would still be able to fly safely. This safety and redundancy are desirable features to have. This is one of the best industrial drone package available in the market.

Matrice 600 Pro inherits everything from DJI Matrice 600 but has a better performance such as extended flight time, battery management system and long range (5km) transmission.


2. DJI Spreading Wing S1000+ Drone

DJI Spreading Wings S1000

It is an Octocopter drone, it has 8 rotors. The arms are foldable. The drone has a high payload carrying capacity. The weight of drone itself is 4.4 kg, and the maximum takeoff weight is 11 kg.  It means that the drone can take bulky DSLR cameras such as Canon 5D Mark III. Some professional photographers prefer to use DSLR cameras, and this drone is their perfect choice. The battery is 6S 15000 mAh which can keep this in the air for up to 15 minutes. Due to retractable landing gear, the shooting is quite comfortable in various angles. Like matrice 600, the drone is compatible with Zenmuse Z15 camera gimbals. With reduced vibrations due to well-designed dampers and spark proof plug, this drone is an excellent choice for commercial use.

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