Drone Logbook: An Important Document for Drone Operators

Unmanned Aircraft System logbook

It is important for every drone operator and pilot to maintain a logbook for each one of their drones. This logbook is useful for safety, insurance and marketing purposes. Drone are unmanned aircraft systems and a drone logbook keeps the record of all drone flights. It contains pre-flight and post-flight checklists for your drone. It contains information about the pilot and the spotter of a drone mission. There are many things you need to check before, during and after a drone flight and these needs to be recorded on the drone log book. Flying drone is fun but it is critical that we take all the safety measures before flying our camera drone. There are regulatory requirements for drone pilots and operators to maintain a log of their drone flights. In some countries digital logbooks are also acceptable but in others you have to keep a paper-based logbook.

What to look for in a Drone Logbook

A typical drone logbook should contain the following information:

  • Name of the drone pilot/operator
  • ID of the Unmanned Aircraft System (drone)
  • Pre-flight checklist
  • Post-flight checklist
  • Battery times
  • Role (mission) equipment details
  • Weather conditions during the drone mission
  • It can possibly contain a map for the drone flight
  • Any information about the damage to any of the drone components
  • Pilot notes
  • Record of whatever has happened to a particular drone during its lifetime.

5 Critical Parameters to Note on a Drone Pilot Log

Nothing is unimportant to be noted on a UAS pilot log but if any of the following 5 parameters is missing, it will make the logbook useless against any complaints etc. The 5 most important things to note on a drone log book or following:

  1. Drone ID
  2. Date & time of the drone mission
  3. Name of the Crew (pilot and spotter, cameraman etc)
  4. Duration of the flight
  5. Any accident [if happened] Please note that it is a regulatory requirement for some countries to report any accident during a drone flight. If everything goes fine, you will not be require to note anything but if something happens this item will be on the top of the list.

Digital Logbooks for Drones

There are some drone manufacturers such as DJI who stores the drone flight data on cloud storage for their drones and pilots have the ability to download data. Also, there are some third party companies which offer maintenance of drone pilot logs but you might have to pay for their monthly subscription fees. These are DroneLogBook, Skyward etc.

Also as I mentioned earlier, some countries still require that drone operators must use paper-based logbooks.

Log Book from Personal Drones

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