5 Cheap Drones with Gimbals under USD400


5 Cheap Drones with Gimbals under USD400

In this article, we discuss why gimbal is essential for drone videography and drone photography. Also, we list some of the cheap drones with gimbals.

What is a gimbal:

The gimbal is a device which tries to neutralize the shake, wobble, and vibrations of the structures to which is attached. Gimbals which are able to absorb the vibrations in all three axes are called 3-axis stabilized gimbals. These drone gimbals are able to absorb the vibrations in roll, pitch and yaw axis. There are gimbals for two-axis (stabilized in pitch and yaw), and some drones have only single-axis gimbals (stabilized in pitch) attached to their structure, which in our case would be camera drones.

Gimbal can stabilize the structure by using various techniques. In simple words, the anticipated motion is sensed with MEMS (Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems) gyroscopes, and counter-rotation is produced by servo motors. The mechanism requires electronic circuitry for the implementation. For further information, you may read another similar article on some desirable features of a gimbal.

Why Gimbal is Important for Drone Imagery:

We mount cameras and other sensors on gimbals and then attach this gimbal to our drone for drone imagery. In this way during the flight, all vibrations are absorbed by the gimbals, and our camera sensor keeps pointing to the desired direction. This improves the quality of the videos we get and enhances the still images as well.

Without the gimbal, no matter how high is the quality of the camera, the footage would be wobbly and unpleasant. It is, therefore, reasonable to invest in gimbal if taking videos and photos is your primary objective of using the drones. Although it is also true that the most expensive attachment to a drone is usually a gimbal.

As you would imagine, the 3-axis gimbals are more expensive than the two-axis or single axis gimbals. If you are only taking still images, you would probably be okay with just 2-axis gimbals.

The good news is that in this article, I am going to show you some of the cheap drones which has gimbals attached to them.

List of Cheap Drones with Gimbals

1. WLToys Q696-A 2 Axis Gimbal


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This quadcopter has a 2-axis gimbal. It has some cool features such as one-key takeoff, landing and one key return to home, Air-pressure altitude hold, 6-axis gyro and headless mode. These are the features a beginner would like to have.  The quadcopter can flip forward, backward and also leftward and rightward directions. It has very prominent landing gear and colorful LEDs.

The controller also shows some essential telemetry data on its screen which is impressive for a drone of this price range. This data includes battery status, altitude hold information and speed! You get an FPV receiver screen with the box.

Now the camera quality, it has a 5MP FPV camera which can take 1080P videos and 1200P still images, which is considered excellent for its price point.  On 4.3-inch FPV screen, you can see the live FPV images.

The flying time of the drone battery is 10 to 13 minutes which is good.


It has a long charging time of 200 minutes. It is not a brushless quad so noise could be an issue for your neighbors!

2. J.ME App Controlled Drone with 4K Camera and 2-Axis Gimbal


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J.ME quadcopter is an app-based drone. This quadcopter has a sleek design with some cool features, a 4K camera, and a 2-axis gimbal. It has a GPS for outdoor positioning. For indoor, it has ultrasonic sensors and the optical flow sensors for positioning the quadcopter.  The quadcopter has accurate hovering and positioning capabilities both outdoor and indoor. The hover function is a rescue mode for beginners, and what it means is that if something goes wrong, you just leave the control sticks and the drone would stay in its position and start hovering.

The battery is massive with 3000 mAh, 14.4 V. The max flight time is 23 minutes which is considered huge.

It has a control range of 200m which is considered suitable for this price range. The video transmission range is 100m which is also Ok.

It has one critical takeoff and landing. It has some interactive flight functions, and you can set some waypoint, and the drone would orbit around that point. In this way, you can capture some memorable moments.

The best thing is that it has a 4K camera. You can take some excellent footage with JME Drone. However, the live video transmission is 720P HD.

The two-axis gimbal is of small size, and it has what they call double stabilization, both mechanical and electronic.


The drone does not have a landing gear. When it lands, it literally falls on its battery which is not good to see for this price range.



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It has a 1080P video quadcopter with 2-axis gimbals which has some advanced features and a very affordable price. The frame rate is 30fps, and the lens is wide angle, so it keeps a lot of scene in the view. It is a brushless quad with WIFI FPV camera. The drone has a GPS, and a follow me mode, where the camera follows you and keeps you in the center of the video.  It is an excellent feature to have during your holidays.

It also has a failsafe safety feature of return to home function with one-key.

With its headless mode, you don’t need to care about the orientation of the drone. This would be useful if your are a new drone pilot.

The control range of this quadcopter is 300m which is fantastic.

The Battery is 2600 mAh 7.4V and has a 15 to 20 minutes of flight time and just 65 minutes of charging time.

The altitude hold capability is second to none. With fantastic follow-me and altitude hold capabilities, AOSENMA CG035 is, without doubt, one of the best hobby grade quadcopter in the market.

Comes in two colors, black or white.

4. UPair One Drone:


Check Price on amazon

Repair one is the best value for the money quadcopter. First, we talk about its video capturing capability! It is a 2.7K camera quadcopter. It can record videos 2.7K@30FPS and 1080P@60FPS. The gimbal is 2-axis stabilized which is fantastic. It has a sturdy and high landing gear which is able to accommodate both gimbal and the camera.

The shape of the radio controller is beautiful, and the screen resolution is impressive. Screen size is also of bigger size (7 inches), and it has a good look and feel.

The battery is somewhat similar to DJI phantom series of drones and also a smart battery with LED indicators showing the charging status.  It is big with 5400mAh, 11.1V and can keep this thing in the air for up to 18 mins. When the battery voltage is less than 10.6, it is recommended to press return to the home key.

The return to home feature would be auto-initiated at loss of control, loss of battery power. This is a highly desired feature for new drone pilots. You can also launch a return to home manually with a single key.

The GPS hold capability is also available in this quadcopter.  The company recommends that you wait 3 to 10 minutes before start flying so that you could get a full GPS lock with all satellites. This is also because the drone cannot come home if GPS signal is weak, so keep this in mind when starting the flight.

One good thing about this drone is that you get a very detailed set of instructions from the manufacturer which is always useful.

5. FreeX MCFX – 01 2.4G 7 Channel 6 Axis Gyro Quadcopter Automatic Return RTF


This is a bigger size GPS drone with a lot of good attributes such as GPS position hold. It has a strong and high landing gear. Free X MCFX 1 has a built-in 6-axis gyro and a 2-axis gimbal (you may also be able to get a 3-axis gimbal version of the quad?).  The drone is ready to fly out of the box, so could be a good beginner’s choice!

Don’t forget to perform the compass calibration before flying. It is a requirement and failure to do so could result in loss of your quadcopter.

The battery has a flight time of 15 minutes or so but the charging time is 2.5 hrs., which is a bit high. It has quite intense LED lights which is good.

It has a return to home safety feature.


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