5 Cheap Drones with Camera  

Cheap Drones with Camera

5 Cheap Drones with Camera  

Most of drone hobbyist and enthusiasts improve their drone flying and videography skills by using cheap drones with camera in the beginning.  The drone technology has reached a stage where these drones with a low-price tag are packed with features. Their cameras can capture high-quality videos. Some of these drones are not available in Australia, but you can purchase from Amazon. However, some suppliers may not ship to Australia, and this information may be checked carefully before proceeding with your purchase. Again, a little note that the following list of cheap drones with camera does not have any positions for these camera drones.  It is just a collection of the best affordable camera drones in the market.

1. Holy Stone F181 RC Quadcopter Drone with HD Camera



A very high-rated and popular quadcopter for beginners. The drone is very reasonably priced. It has a vast number of good reviews on Amazon.  It has 720P built-in camera and a 2GB SD card for video and image storage. The drone also has a WiFi version. It has a very stable flight with 6-Axis Gyro.  The drone comes with 2 batteries and two chargers so that you can charge both batteries simultaneously. (but you need just one battery to fly!). It has four-speed modes so that you can start practicing at low speed and then increase the speed as your flying skills improve. It has a headless mode.  The drone can hold the altitude very well, so you do not have to worry if something goes wrong, just keep your hands off the controller, and the drone will stay where it is.  It is an FPV drone, and you get the live view on your smartphone. The advantage is that you can practice inside your house.

The controller is not very likable, but it depends on someone’s personal choice. The most disliked feature of this drone is the fact that you have to remove the camera to change the battery. It is not very convenient and not sure why the designer of this drone kept it like this.

2. Syma X5SW Quadcopter with WiFi Camera



It is one of the top-rated cheap drones with camera.  It has hundreds of excellent reviews on Amazon.  Here I will try to summarize some of the features and some weaknesses of this drone. The drone can record videos with its 2 MP camera and transmits to your smartphone using the app.  Like other Syma drones, this also has a very durable construction. The control frequency is 2.4 GHz.  The battery is 3.7V, 500 mAh which is not quite high!. The controller requires 4 double A batteries. The FPV video has some lag which is again acceptable for the drones in this lower price range.  However, you should be aware that this lag would increase as your drone goes further away from your smartphone. It would also affect the recorded video. The drone is capable of 360 degrees rolling. It also has a headless mode.

One of the significant weakness of this drone is its poor performance in a windy situation. It is probably because the drone is extremely light-weight. So, before taking this drone outdoors, look for weather reports first. It flies extremely well in no wind situation.

3. QC1 Drone by Q Copter


QC1 is another affordable drone with camera. The drone comes in two colors, Green and Black. You need to install the camera, landing gear, prop guards, etc. The drone is durable and made up of suitable quality material. It can withstand small crashes.  One of the best features is that the drone has a long flight time of nearly 15 minutes which is quite a long duration and with an extra battery provided, you can increase this to 30 minutes. The drone gives you the warning when the battery is going to be flat. It has LED lights. The drone only weights 125 grams.  The flight is stable with 6-axis Gyroscope.  The controller of this drone is quite a basic level controller. You can do flips with this drone.

4. NightHawk DM007(TM) Quadcopter



It was released back at the beginning of 2015, and sometimes it is called 007 spy camera drone due to its sleek design and black color. It is still one of the most popular cheap camera drones in the market.  The drone also comes without a camera, so be careful when you order. The camera is 2MP 720P. The drone is highly stable during flight due to its six-axis gyroscope.  The drone has more powerful motors and battery than its competitors in the same price range.  The battery is 7.4V 380 mAh. Controller requires 4 double A batteries. It has a 4GB micro SD card. You cannot remove the prop guards of this drone. You should expect 5 to 6 minutes of flight time.  Transmitter has an LCD where you can see various flight parameters.  The drone can do flip and rolls.

 5. TIANQU XS809W Foldable RC Quadcopter



This drone looks like DJI Mavic Pro, although it is not a competitor of Mavic or even close to that. This highly affordable drone got a position in this list of cheap drones with camera due to its look, feel and popularity. If you like the design and shape of Mavic, but you cannot afford it yet, then you may consider buying this quadcopter. It is foldable, and you can fly it with a controller or your smartphone using an app. You need to download an app called “XSW UFO.”  Suitable for practice and flying with your kids. It has a 2MP WiFi Camera with FPV. The drone can hold its altitude. It has a headless mode which is a desirable feature for beginner drones.  The drone can roll in the air in different directions which is fun for children. The battery can be charged using a micro USB connector. The drone videos would be stored on your smartphone because there is no SD card slot in the drone. It has a one-click return function. The drone can fly at three different speeds which are also suitable for beginners. The quadcopter has around 150gm in weight. The camera has a little tilt to it, but it is a fixed camera with no gimbal.  The video quality is not of high resolution but is smoother. It has some LEDs at the bottom. The transmitter is good looking with proper marking.  The flight time is around 10 minutes and battery charges in 1 hr. Transmitter requires 3 double A batteries.


All of these cheap drones with camera mentioned above are toy drones. These drones are the best in their price range which is quite low and affordable. These should be used as fun and training purpose and not for any commercial photography or business purpose. You can learn skills and techniques using these drones, and when you are ready, you can buy any of the mid-range or high-end drones.