10 Best Mini Quadcopters Under $50

In this article, we compare ten best mini quadcopters with and without cameras and some advanced safety features. All of the minidrones in this list have a price tag of less than $50. This list of reviews is based on market research, customer reviews, popularity, search volume and demand for world’s top mini-drones. In the end, a comparison table is shown which is also the summary of this page. Most of these little drones come with their own controller. Some even have their app available for many operating systems. However, one practice of drone hobbyists for using these drones is to buy one of the famous drone transmitters and then use all of these small drones with that drone controller. But for this setup, you must ensure the compatibility between the controller you have and the drones you want to buy, because sometimes, there are some compatibility issues. All of the following mini drones would be fun for kids, beginners and young adults looking for mini-drones with a camera to have some indoor or outdoor fun.

1. Tenergy TDR Sky Beetle Mini Drone


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It is another one of the best mini quadcopter drones. This is a compact pocketable drone which fits inside its controller.  This mini quadcopter comes with a smartphone holder which is nice and adjustable. It is a foldable, portable Wi-Fi FPV drone. It can perform three different one-key moves which are quite impressive. These are a 360-degree flip, a tornado spin, and orbit flying. It has a camera, and you can capture and save 480P videos into your phone using the app.  The first-person view(FPV) is the view of what drone sees. You can see this FPV while flying the drone. It has a headless mode and also a speed selection if you are not very skilled in flying drones, you can adjust this according to your skill level. Other safety features available are a lovely hover function, one button takeoff, and landing.  In short, it is an excellent mini quadcopter with the camera for newbies. The radio transmitter is 2.4 GHz. It has a flight time of 7 to 10 minutes.

2. Eachine E010S Micro Quadcopter

Picture of Eachine-E010S-mini-drone-at-personal-drones

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It is one of the most popular Mini RC quadcopter drone among drone enthusiasts. This mini drone has a pre-installed camera and powerful motors.  This is a racing mini-drone which has an F3 configurable controller. The USB port is at the top which is easily accessible and which is not the case for many controllers. it is a hobby grade mini quadcopter, and you need some sort of skills to use this quadcopter at its full potential. Also since the user manual is elementary, therefore, for novices, I would not recommend this, until you are willing to learn a lot. This is the reason, because of which this drone could not get to the very top. The battery has an excellent capacity to provide a good punch. You can use it with Taranis X9D plus drone transmitter.  The camera quality is superb and perfect for recreational purposes for indoor. For outdoor, the wind would be a problem, and this mini quad is suitable for indoor use.  It has a non-rigid but the extremely light frame.  The powerful motors consume the battery very quickly, so you should get some extra battery pack if you want to fly this powerful mini-drone.

3. Rabing Mini Foldable Quadcopter


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This mini rc drone is a four-axis foldable minidrone which you can keep in your pocket. The drone fits inside its controller which is really cool. Comes with an instruction booklet and a phone holder. The operating radio frequency is 2.4 GHz, which gives a better performance against interference. The app is available for this mini drone, and after downloading the app, you can fly this with your smartphone. You can take videos and pictures while flying this drone. It has 0.3 MP HD camera, and the video quality is accordingly reasonable. The flight time of 7-10 minutes is considered excellent for this type of microdrones. The charging time of 30 minutes is without a doubt fantastic. The 100m control range is probably the largest in this category of drones.

4. TOZO Q2020 Mini Drone

Picture of Tozo Mini Quadcopter

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It is a beautiful, adorable mini quadcopter drone without the camera. It has many protective safety features for novice pilots. This mini drone has a headless mode where the orientation of the drone is not essential, and the drone movement only depends on the direction of movements of the controller sticks. It has an altitude hold function, and it means if you are losing the control, you just take your hands off the controller, it would stay at the same height and start hovering there. The 6-axis Gyro stabilization makes the flight more stable and enjoyable.  The flight time of 8 to 10 minutes is considered excellent for this class of mini quads. 2.4 GHz remote controller is a good if there is any radio interference present. The radio controller is decent and good looking. It can perform flips with the press of just one button. The drone is relatively newer and getting good online reviews.

5. Holy Stone HS150 Bolt Bee Mini Racing Drone



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With the headless mode on this drone, you can have a straightforward flying experience without worrying about the orientation of the drone. This does not have a camera. It comes with a better-quality controller with more functions than its competitors. The drone also has a very cool feature of 5-speed control. This makes it one of the best drone for beginners while indoor. Flying mini-drones inside the confined space such as a home is quite tricky for beginners and requires some experience. This drone, however, provides you an easily accessible speed control with your index finger. There is a rotary switch which you can use to slow the speed to almost zero and fly easily. The 2.4 GHz radio is good for interference, and 6-axis Gyro is ultimate for stable flight experience.  The flight time of 5 to 7 minutes and charging time of 90 minutes is acceptable for this category of drones.  In outdoor, you can do some intense flight some fast maneuvers and flips. An excellent product and at an affordable price.

6. GoolRC T36 Mini Quadcopter


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It is an adorable mini quadcopter with headless mode but does not have a camera. Good stabilization characteristics with 6-Axis Gyro. A perfect mini-drone for a beginner. Comes with an extra battery and props. So, with two batteries, you can get 12 minutes of flying time which is excellent.  The cells can be charged using a USB charger which comes with the box and also has an indicator light, which is a neat feature. The build quality of this mini-drone is impressive. The props are incredibly safe in their housings, and the landing gear has a robust high-quality plastic. Just push the battery underneath the mini quad, connect it, and you are ready to fly.  The quad can perform 360 degrees flips. The customer service is excellent.

7. Holystone Predator HS 170


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This is probably the most reviewed and one of the top rated mini-drones for sale out there in the market. But this does not have a camera. It has some advanced features such as return to home and flipping. It is incredibly durable and flying this mini quadcopter is easy and smooth due to headless mode. The battery has a USB charger with a light indication.  The flight time of 6 to 8 minutes is good and charging time of 45-60 minutes is reasonable.  Comes with an instructional manual and spare props. The transmitter requires six AA batteries which is not a cool thing, and it also does not have any marking on buttons.

8. Cheerwing Syma X20 Pocket Drone


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This is the new multi-feature mini drone from a reputable Syma brand. It has one-key landing and take-off functions which are desirable features for beginners. Two other features useful for new drone hobbyists are the headless mode and return to a home safety feature. The best thing is that you can charge this mini quad with any micro USB cable. No special battery charger is required for this. On the flip side though, the battery is internal and not removable.  It has lovely LED lights and built-in prop guards. It does not have a camera.  The flight time of 5 minutes and charging time of 50 minutes is excellent.  You can control this drone up to a distance of 50 meters. One-button 360 degrees roll is an excellent fun for children. If your country allows, night flight of this drone would be fantastic. The controller is very slim because the controller sticks of Syma X20 mini quadcopter are very flat.

9. JJRC H36 Mini Quadcopter


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This drone has all the feature required by the novice drone pilots. These features include 6-axis Gyro stabilization, 2.4 GHz interference-free radio, headless mode and return to home features for safety. It has two speed modes, high and low. It is a handy feature for indoor flying. The built is somewhat like the GoolRC T36 Mini Quadcopter. The controller has the trimming module. Reasonably good illustration manual is with this mini drone. The quadcopter binds quickly, and you would experience a smooth and stable flight.  It can flip 360 degrees with the press with just one button. This quadcopter battery is 3.7V 150mAh Lipo which is included. The Flight time is 5 minutes with a charging time of 30 to 50 minutes. The controlling range is just 30meters.

10. DROCON Scouter 901H Foldable Mini Drone


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It is another easy to fly a drone with all critical features required for a safe operation. The drone has a headless mode. It can hover at the same height, i.e., altitude hold. One-key takes off and landing features and also landing lock and unlock feature is also available in this mini quadcopter. It has a one-button spinning function. Just like Rabing mini foldable quadcopter, this quad also fits inside the controller nicely and makes the unit very compact. The arms of this mini drone are foldable. If you remove the sticks, it could be a pocketable drone. The cool thing is that it has 3-speed modes. It has two charging methods, one using the USB cable and the other by attaching the cable inside the controller, which would charge the mini drone if the controller is power up.  The flight time is 5 to 7 minutes and the charging time of 40 minutes.

Comparison Table of the Features of Top 10 Best Mini Quadcopters


Serial Mini Drone Speed Levels Battery Life (minutes) Headless Mode Camera Weight (grams) Reviews (Amazon) Ships to AU
1 Tenergy TDR Sky Beetle Mini Drone  3  7-10  Yes  Yes  26  102  Yes

Eachine E010S Micro Quadcopter

 Yes  26  NA  Yes

Rabing Mini Foldable Quadcopter

 2  7-10  Yes  Yes  313  No

TOZO Q2020 Mini Drone

 3  8-10  Yes  No  50  356  No

Holy Stone HS150 Bolt Bee Mini Racing Drone

 5  5-7  Yes  No  69  112  No

GoolRC T36 Mini Quadcopter

 2  5  Yes  21  317  No

Holystone Predator HS 170

 3  6-8  Yes  No  4080  No

Cheerwing Syma X20 Pocket Drone

 1  5  Yes  No  85  Yes

JJRC H36 Mini Quadcopter

 2  5 Yes  No  23  189  Yes

DROCON Scouter 901H Foldable Mini Drone

 3  5-7  Yes  No  25  262  No