5 Best Drone Kits You Can Buy to Build Your Drone


5 Best Drone Kits You Can Buy to Build Your Drone

If you are hands-on with hardware and a drone enthusiast, then you are the one who might be interested in building your quadcopter from a DIY drone kit. Building a drone from a kit is a fun and learning activity. You can learn a lot during this drone building process, and you know what goes where in the drone. Its can help you fixing the drone later if some part breaks or upgrading your drone very easily. However, you must have some necessary technical skills to put together various components of a drone. These drone kits are available in the market as one complete bundle, or you can buy a drone frame only kit and then add motors, props, controller, batteries and other accessories to the drone frame.

For building your drone in this manner, you must be able to perform some simple tasks. These include measuring, cutting and soldering of cables to printed circuit boards, tightening of screws, understanding of simple technical drawings, etc.  Before starting to build your drone, you also should have some basic understanding of electronics, various types of connectors, wiring principles and working of motors and batteries, etc. Reversing a single connection can destroy the drone. Therefore, if you not a kind of person who can handle this, then it would be better to buy a drone instead.

Best Way to Start with DIY Drone Building Kits:

It will be easier for you if you start with small quadcopter kits. Also, your first attempt should be on an all-inclusive type of drone kit (such as 3DR IRIS from 3D Robotics). In that type of kit, all the components would be compatible with each other, and your job would be to assemble the components and build a drone. Please note that even for some of these complete kits, you may need to buy remote controller and batteries separately. Sometimes you might need to change the size of the props to get a smooth flight.

Usually, flight controller and GPS come with the kits.  However, it would be better to confirm before buying a drone making kit.  While building a quadcopter from any of these kits, you should always try to keep the wires and cables tidy by using Velcro and double-sided tapes. The components which need to be mounted on the frame should be appropriately locked using flexible locking cables. These small things would result in a much smoother flight.

List of Most Popular Drone Kits:

1. F450 ARF Drone KIT from DJI with NAZA-M Lite Flight controller and GPS

This is one of the drone starter kits. The structure is rigid and robust and of the right size.  It uses high-strength PCB frame board which is safe for wiring. Frame design is excellent and gives an excellent space to mount the accessories. The frame arms are of red, black and white colors. There are many videos and a manual provided by DJI to help you build your drone.  You need to buy the radio controller, batteries, camera, and gimbal separately for this kit.  The kit manufacturer provides the recommendations for these parts.  DJI DT 7 is the recommended radio controller.

The landing gear for this kit has been released by DJI which is shown below. This landing gear weights 15 gms and height of 130mm.  NAZA-M lite is the primary controller for this kit which has a three-mode autopilot (GPS Atti mode, Atti mode and Manual mode) and an enhanced failsafe mode.  The recommended transmitter is PCM or any 2.4 GHz with minimum 4 channels. The GPS is plug and play type and would provide an enhanced aerial photography experience with functions such as orientation control, position hold and return to home.  The positions and altitude can be locked even in a windy situation. It is a great help for beginners.

DJI F450 Drone Kit-partsLanding-Gear-of-Dji-Drone-Kit


Key Features and Specifications:

  • Rigid High-Quality Material
  • Integrated PCB Wiring
  • Good Size Assembly Space
  • Recommended Prop Size = 10 inch
  • Diagonal Wheelbase 450mm

You can watch these YouTube videos to get an idea of what kind of activities are required to build a drone from this kit.


2. 3D IRIS+ Quadcopter Kit by 3D Robotics

IRIS Drone Kit

This is an all-inclusive type of kit for beginners. You just need to assemble the components, and you are ready to fly. The gimbal is not included with the kit and comes as an additional add-on to the kit. The recommended gimbal is Tarot. The Iris+ kit comes with the radio controller, battery and battery charger, props, landing gear, telemetry module and cables. The main frame is pre-assembled. The telemetry antenna is also attached which transmits the flight data to your tablet.  It should be pointed downward for maximum radio range during the drone flight.

The accessories included in the kit are ground radio antenna, cables to connect the tablet, and an extra SD card for the Pixhawk flight controller, alkaline batteries for the radio. The battery is 5100mAh, 11.1V, 8C three cell Lipo.  When ordering the kit, you should order the proper (American or European) telemetry radio set.  The Pixhawk flight controller is industry standard autopilot, and the best thing about this is that it is an open-hardware.  3D Robotics have many tutorial videos for IRIS+ drone kit assembly and operation.

Key Features and Specifications:

  • Complete Kit for Beginners
  • Main frame is pre-assembled
  • Famous Pixhawk Flight Controller

3.GB 190, 190mm Wheelbase Racing Drone kit by Gearbest


Check Price on Gearbest

GB190 is also a full quadcopter kit. Just assemble it, and you are ready to fly the drone. You just have to add a radio receiver compatible with the radio transmitter you would be using. It has two versions, one is standard, and the other is racing. We are talking about the racing drone kit here. It comes with an X frame, F3 flight controller, power distribution board (PDB), famous EMAX RS2205 brushless motors, props, camera, ESCs (Electronic Speed Controllers), XT60 connectors, VTX (Video Transmitter), VTX antenna and other accessories.

On a very affordable price, you can have a camera which is good. Everything fits very nice and clean and in a compact fashion. The material of the arm is carbon fiber, and it also has a structural component made of aluminum to give it further strength. The PDB has 12V and 5V power sources, 12V is for VTX antenna and 5V on camera, so be careful don’t connect the camera with 12V.

Key Features and Specifications:

  • Complete Drone Kit
  • Affordable Price
  • Easy to assemble


4.QAV250 Carbon Fiber Mini FPV Quadcopter ARF Kit by Lumenier

QAV250 Carbon Fiber Mini FPV Quadcopter ARF Kit by LumenierQAV250 Carbon Fiber Mini FPV Quadcopter ARF Kit by Lumenier-Top-View

Buy QAV250 on Amazon

QAV250 is a favorite mini FPV quadcopter kit. The QAV250 is a 250mm size airframe that can accommodate 5″ Props. This kit has a G10 version and a carbon fiber version. If you want to use a bigger 6” props, you need to buy QAV250 6″ Carbon Fiber Arm Extensions. These motor mounts will extend the arms, and you would be able to use 6” props.

You can buy QAV250 frame separately if you want to add other components of your own choice. You can also buy this drone kit as a fully assembled kit on Amazon and getfpv. It is a good option for beginners, it can save much time, and you can still play around with the kit. The 250mm is the distance measured motor shaft to motor shaft diagonally. If you buy a frame then the compatible motors would be light and sturdy Lumenier RX2206 2350kv motors.  If you want to use GoPro camera instead of a Lumenier camera, with QAV 250 Carbon Fiber frame, you would need a QAV250 CF Vibration Damping Camera Plate to reduce the vibration by separating the camera plate from the airframe and absorbing vibration.

Key Features and Specifications:

  • Mini quadcopter Kit
  • Customization options
  • Better for learning DIY drone

5.LHI250 mm Quadcopter Kit

LHI 250 mm Quadcopter Kit

Buy LHI250 on Amazon

LHI250 is an unassembled mini size quadcopter kit with a wheelbase of 250mm, but with a minor price difference, you can have an assembled version.  You will need to buy a radio transmitter separately. However, the total amount of money you will have to spend is still very reasonable. It is a good quality drone kit.  The kit includes four LHI MT2204 2300KV Motors with associate LHI 12A Brushless SimonK Electronic Speed Controllers (ESCs).  The flight controller is OpenPilot CC3D, and you can use OpenPilot software on your tablet.  You may also need to install few drivers.

Key Features and Specifications:

  • Both unassembled and assembled versions
  • Very affordable price
  • Opensource Software
  • Offers full DIY drone building exercise

I hope this article will help some of the drone enthusiasts. Once you have used few of these drone making kits, and after you understand how various components interact and integrate, you can build your own drone kit by selecting all the components individually which are compatible with one another.