4 Best Beginner Drones with Camera From $100 to $500.

Flying a drone is fun and a joyful activity, and if you have played a video game at some stage, in your life, this is not difficult at all. However, for some of the beginner drone pilots, it could be challenging, particularly, in a windy situation. If something unexpected happens, it could not only crash the drone but has the potential to hurt someone. To minimize the risk, I discuss few of the desirable safety features you may wish to look for when buying a beginner drone. Also, in this article, I present a list of four best beginner drones with a camera to buy. Not all of the desirable features listed below may be available in these three drones. The drones selected in this list are based on our focus on new users of drones.

Desirable Drone Safety and Other Features for Beginners:

So, what are those few little things which we should take into account while buying our first drone? These safety features would cope with our lack of competency as a beginner drone pilot.

1. Headless Mode

Usually, you need to consider the heading direction when flying the drone and sometimes lights are provided or a color pattern to see from very far the direction in which a drone is heading. To make a turn, you need two different movements on both joysticks. If you are not good with joysticks, then these simultaneous roll, yaw and pitch maneuvers could be challenging for you. The best solution is to buy a drone with the headless mode.  Get a headless drone and get used to it, until you are comfortable with the joysticks. However, the headless drone may not have many other features; you may wish to have. I hope this would not be an issue in the beginning.

2. Obstacle Avoidance

The first most desirable thing a beginner drone pilot should look for is the obstacle avoidance capability of the drone. Please bear in mind that there are only a few high-end drones which can handle obstacle avoidance in “all” possible directions of movements. Most drones can handle obstacle avoidance only in the front and downward direction, some can avoid obstacles in sideways and few can do this also in rearward direction. Another thing to note is what type of sensor is used for obstacle avoidance. Laser, infrared or sonar. Sonar is the least accurate one, and the laser is the best.

3. Return to Home

Return to home is now available in most of the drones. It is highly valuable for drone pilots who just have started flying drones. There are few situations in which there is a chance of you losing the drone. For example, let us say, your drone has gone very far, and the battery is requiring a recharge. Usually, you can see this with the color of the lights changing on the drone but you may not realize this, and the drone can just fall from the sky if it does not have a return to home feature. If this feature is available, the drone will keep a record of the available battery and the distance from between its current and takeoff positions. If needed, the drone will just return to its takeoff point. For a proper return to home, the drone must have GPS.

4. Drone Camera Quality

It depends on your need or passion for video quality and also the budget you have in mind.  However, if you are a complete newbie, you should read the step-by-step guide for aerial imagery using drones, or if you want in-depth understanding and monetization options for drone videos, you may read the post on drone filming.  One thing you must notice in the video reviews of a drone before you decide to buy, that the drone props should not come in the captured video. This is because there are few drones with camera which show their props in their footage. It would degenerate the video quality of your videos and may be difficult to edit.

5. Altitude Hold Capability

If drone has a GPS, it would be able to hold its position when you move your hands away from the controller. This feature is handy for beginner drone pilots because they can get into trouble quite easily and the best solution would be to just put off your hands from the radio controller of the drone.

6. Ability to survive minor crashes

As a beginner pilot, crashing will happen, and it would be good to survive some of these minor crashes. The first drone in the list is made up of very flexible plastic and fit for this purpose.  There are some other drones available in the market which are made of carbon fiber. These can withstand very high-velocity collisions with concrete buildings. If this is your prime factor when selecting your best drone as a beginner, then you can search further.

7. Support

As a beginner drone pilot, you must consider the support of the drone company as an important factor. Some companies have excellent support while others do not.  You can read some of the forums about the level of assistance they offer.

List of Best Beginner Drones with Camera:

Here is the list of top beginner drones with camera. All these drones have a camera and some other safety features as listed below. The price was not the focus of this article and there is no preference of top or bottom drones in this list. As a beginner drone pilot, you can buy any of these depending on your preferences and the available features listed below. Each one of the following is a good beginner drone.I am thinking to include some more entry level drones with GPS as soon as I get time, so you may consider revisiting this website some time later.

1. UDI 818A HD Headless Quadcopter


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An extremely popular entry level drone with camera.

Key Features:

  • High Definition 720P 30fps Video
  • Headless Mode (Can be turned off)
  • Excellent protection against crash due to the bendable plastic material.
  • The drone has plenty of good reviews.
  • Can do 360-degree flips
  • It comes with two batteries.
  • High and Low-Speed Modes (Good for beginners!)
  • Could be a bit difficult to fly in the extreme
  • Max Flight Time 6-8 minutes
  • Best entry level drone

2. DJI Phantom 3 Standard Drone


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If you wanna own a single one personal drone with camera, this should be your choice. This is the best beginner camera which flies.

Key Features:

  • Product from world’s leading drone manufacturer
  • Live image streaming from up to half a mile away
  • 1080p HD Video
  • 25 minutes flying time
  • The drone has plenty of good reviews.
  • Obstacle Avoidance
  • The range is not big, but for beginners, it should be okay.
  • GPS and Altitude modes (The drone can hold its position and hover! In GPS mode
  • Best drone camera in its price range.

3. Holy Stone HS110 FPV Camera Drone

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Holy stone HS 110 FPV is another best selling and best starter drone with elegant built and solid controller.

Key Features:

  • 720P HD Real-time Video
  • Fantastic Altitude Hold (just put off your hands, and the drone will stay where it is!)
  • Headless Mode
  • One-Button return home
  • Flight time 7-9 minutes
  • Good reviews

4. Yuneec Breeze Flying Camera Drone


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It is another one of the best camera drones for beginners. Many like its solid built and easy to fly attribute.

Key Features:

  • 4K stunning videos
  • Easy to fly with no previous experience required for this drone.
  • Holds position both indoor and outdoor, therefore an excellent choice for new drone pilots.
  • Controlled with the mobile phone app.
  • Five flight modes called Selfie, Pilot, Orbit, Follow Me, and Journey
  • The weight of this drone is 3.3 pounds.
  • Mixed reviews