5 Best Battle Drones for Kids

5 Best Battle Drones for Kids

Toy drones dueling is getting popular, and both adults and kids are loving it. The best battle drones have some unique design and safety features as well as some extra functions which ordinary toy drones do not have. Also, these battle drones sometimes come in sets of two drones in one pack, so that kids could have a fun straight out of the box. However, you should be mindful that most battle drones do not have cameras. Before discussing the features and functions of the 5 best battle drones for kids, which we have listed in this post, let’s talk about some of the frequently asked questions about war drones and drone battles.

Types of Drone Battles:

There are physical drone battles with physical weapons, and there are virtual drone battles where drones fire on each other with infra-red and laser guns and the physical sensor or a drone app detects that the drone has been struck. Sometimes you can set the number of lives you have, or there is a fixed number after which your drone will land on auto or just will fall on the ground.

FAQs about Battle Drones:

Are battle drones good or bad for kids?

Some parents don’t like buying gifts for their children which have battle and war themes. But, I think you’ll agree with me when I say that most parents don’t want their children to be bullied at school for not having the latest ‘must-have’ item. And toy drones in general and now the battle drones are growing in popularity mainly amongst grown-up children. These high-tech toys also have an educational element associated with them. Also, these types of games can help a lot in improving hand-eye coordination in kids. So, it depends on how you see the things. And is up to you to decide.

How battle drones differ from other toy drones?

Battle drones are designed while keeping in view their application. Therefore, these drones have some of the extra features which ordinary toy drones might or might not have. These features are discussed individually in the followings section.

How expensive are battle drones?

There is no noticeable cost difference between toy drones and battle drone. Please note in most cases, you get battle drones in pairs, i.e., two similar drones in one box.

Do battle drone have some weapons?

Yes, they do have some weapons which can make drone wars a real fun for young adults. These toy drone weapons can be physical, or they can be virtual as you will see in the drones which we have listed below.

Will battle drones get destroyed because of the combat?

Not necessarily. Yes, these toys can be destroyed, but you can win a battle without destroying the drone. Some apps can detect that the drone has been successfully struck by the opponent and can land the drone when lives are finished without damaging the drone. However, in physical fights, you may destroy both drones.

How a drone battle takes place?

The way drone battle takes place is like this. Both drone pilots try to knock each other down while negotiating the obstacles and controlling their own drone. During their flights, they fire on each other, and they can mutually decide a maximum hit would mean a victory for the pilot who hit the other drone.

List of Best Battle Drones:

The following list of 5 best battle drones has been prepared based on a market research and considering the popularity and online customer reviews in various drone forums and marketplaces. And the best part is that these drones are not very expensive to buy.

1. Cheerson CX-60 AIR Dominator


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You will get two quadcopter drones in the box which is fantastic in this price range. However, no transmitter is included, and you will have to fly these drones using the Wi-Fi connection with the drone app which is available for iOS or Android smartphones. These drones are on top of our list because they have excellent design and some cool features.

These battle drones have infra-red guns which they can fire on each other. These air dominators have an infra-red receiver at the top and gun at front. When you hit the other drone, you get points. Obviously, two players can play the drone game, but you can also fly in a single player mode.

The batteries slide in at the bottom. The design is solid with props are safe in strong prop guards, and you would be alright if you bump these into walls a few times. You also get two extra set of props for each drone. The drone has nice little LEDs at the back. The drone does not have a camera. It has three-speed modes (30, 60 and 100%). And don’t forget to perform gyro calibration, in the beginning, it is quite easy. The app also allows you to earn points and buy some new skills. In short, it is a lot of fun for anybody into drone games or drone competitions.

Key Features of the Air Dominator CX-60:

  • Very Stable Hover (Height hold)
  • Infra-red Gun
  • App-based control
  • On/Off switch
  • One touch take-off and landing
  • 360 degree flips indoor (no wind situations)
  • Suitable for 14 years and up


2. Propel Star Wars Quadcopter T-65 X Wing


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This is an elegant quality laser battle drone which comes as a single fighter drone. If you are a star war fan, then this drone is for you. It comes in a gorgeous box which you will love. As soon you open this box, you will be amazed with the LEDs, and it will play the music. The music will remind you of the star war environment. The structure of the drone is highly detailed and hand painted. It is almost like a quadcopter drone plane. The controller is well-designed yet straightforward. You must put 4 double A batteries in the controller and has a smartphone bracket hidden inside which you can pull out. At the top of the controller, you have three lights which indicate you three lives in the drone battle game.

This is a laser battle drone. The way you play and fight is that the drone has a little device at the bottom which picks the laser if the drone is hit by the laser from the rival drone. Once you get three hits, you lose the battle and will land. This fighter drone is a lot of fun for kids or young adults.

Key Features of Propel T-65 X Wing:

  • Collectible and highly detailed design
  • Laser Fighting capability
  • Elegant prop guard extension which snaps on
  • High-quality packaging, suitable for gifts
  • Two (one extra) proprietary batteries (800 mAh, 3.7V)
  • Extra lasers, props, and prop removal tool
  • Beautiful lights and music
  • Recommended Age is 14+

3. Air Wars Battle Drones 2.4 GHz – 2-pack


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Again, you get two quadcopter drones inside the box. The design is safe, and props are well-protected. Also, you will get few of the specially designed war weapons alongside the ordinary drone accessories. These war weapons are shown in the image, and you can see include pikes, saws, spades, hooks, etc. The structure has few notches where you can attach these weapons by just snapping them on. Before starting the battle, you will have to pair both drones one-by-one to avoid any radio interference.  The drone has four pre-built and programmed attacking maneuvers for the drone battle. You can launch these attacks with the four buttons provided on the controller. The recommended age by the manufacturer is between 6 to 10 years, which means these are suitable for a much younger group of children.

Key Features of Airwars Battle Drones:

  • Altitude Hold
  • One button auto take-off and landing
  • Four attack modes (360 Spin Attack, Circle Attack, Tornado attack and Ram Attack)
  • Safe design
  • 6 to 10 years age group

4. Holy Stone HS177 RC Battle Drones 


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This is a set of two highly stable battle drones with excellent altitude hold capability. Equipped with infra-red gun. You can shoot the opponent with this gun, and after a drone get hit four times, it will land slowly as a loser. A great fun toy drone. The drone has a headless mode and can perform 3D flips. The elegant and beautiful design makes it prominent amongst its competitor drones.

Key Features of Holy Stone HS177:

  • Infra-red capability
  • Headless mode
  • 360-degree rolls
  • Altitude hold capability
  • One key engine start/landing
  • Range 30-50 m
  • Flight time 7-10 minutes
  • Recommended age is 14+

5. Drone n Base – Single Player Package


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The drone and base package include drone and its base with other accessories. You can play against a rival virtual drone in augmented reality environment. The single player mode can get you started until your friends join you. Later, up to 8 players can fight against each other in the multiplayer drone battle. Virtual weapons and different effects are available in the drone package. You can use virtual rockets and lasers to knock your opponent out of the sky. The drone is made of special durable plastic.

You’ll be flying the drone with your smart device, and by tilting the device, the drone will respond. On mission completion, you will get bronze, silver or gold badges. On passing various levels, you’ll be able to unlock more weapons and upgrades. You can set the racing tracks with drone bases by putting these bases on the desired route. When playing with your friends with the virtual weapons, these weapons will distract the players by shaking their drones. The losing drone will fall to the ground. Your score will be shared online.

Key features of Dronenbase:

  • Augmented Reality Drone Battles
  • 400 times per second electronic stabilization
  • 30 m Bluetooth range
  • Status LEDs
  • Virtual weapons and effects


The above list includes the state of the art best battle drones for kids and young adults. We also have discussed some of the commonly asked questions about this drone battle sport. It is an emerging sport, and in future, we may see a lot more of these fighter drones. We will try to keep this list updated and enhanced, so please keep in touch.

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